Music For Plants

Music For Plants

Welcome to Music for Plants.

I have been pondering how to use music to help plants grow for many years.
This year I finally did something to see how music can help my plants and I
made this website to document any progress or information learned. I did do
some research to get a good starting point and I will admit that I currently do
not use the full scientific method in my research. Anything I share should be
considered amature results with biased subject matter, the music used.

I have been burying quartz crystals with plants for years, so using music
is not a big jump. I do have some ideas about using music and crystals
together to help plants grow. Since vibration is something I have been
interested in, coupling music and crystals will be a focus for me.

I will be posting images of my work and sharing details about my methods.
The music I used this season is "Spectrum Suite" from Steve Halpern, this
has been one of my favorite CDs for the past 40 years, so I figure it would
be good for plants. In the future, I will need to expand the music used, so
there can be a diverse pool of music. Stay tuned for more.


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